Salmon in the Wild, Oven Mitt
Salmon in the Wild, Oven Mitt

Salmon in the Wild, Oven Mitt

Simone Diamond, Coast Salish
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I create art that connects me to my family, our traditions and our spirit of continuity.” - Artist Statement.

A west coast vibe with a beautiful Salish salmon design in a vibrant two tone blue.

The Oven Mitt is fully insulated with a 100% designed cotton upper with a polyester inner lining and is made of high quality neoprene to protect your thumb and fingers; is non-slip, waterproof and heat resistant that protects up to 415F/218C of constant heat. This piece has a handy loop to hang for displaying and easy access. Measures 7"x12.5".

This oven mitt is part of a small textiles collection that make a great additions to any kitchen and can be purchased separately or when purchased together makes a wonderful set.

Authentic Indigenous designed licensed products, with royalties paid to the artist from every purchase. 

May not be exactly as shown.