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The Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art offers educational experiences that will deepen and broaden an understanding of Northwest Coast Indigenous people today.

With an emphasis on Indigenous art and culture in the Northwest Coast, we can provide unique and flexible programs. We can work with educators to create programs that fit curriculum and class needs.

Find a program that best suits your students.


Grades K - 3

Storytelling in the Gallery 

Immerse your class in the oral traditions of the Northwest Coast.

This program focuses on three big ideas:

- The symbols of identity, using art in the gallery as an example
- Understanding the importance of Indigenous storytelling
- Community and belonging

    This program uses a mixture of storytelling (both oral and from a storybook), play, and art exploration. All stories from books read during Storytelling are illustrated and authored by Indigenous artists and writers.

    Grades 4 - 6

    Northwest Coast Narratives 

    Explore Indigenous worldviews through hands-on learning about the connections between land, sea, people, and the art of the Northwest Coast.

    This program aims to:

    - Engage students on the integral role stories play within Indigenous cultures of the Northwest Coast
    - Highlight how the media also plays a role in telling stories, and both the positive and negative impact that has for Indigenous peoples
    - Introduce students to the integral roles people, land, and animals play in the interconnectedness of our world.

      Grades 7 - 9

      Art & Reconciliation 

      Delve into deeper understandings of sacred resources, Indigenous history, and artistic practices of the Northwest Coast.

      This program will:

      - Provide an intermediate understanding about the significance of art
      - Give examples of how museums can take part in reconciliation through the repatriation of cultural objects and intangible property (language, song etc.)
      - Introduces students to discriminatory policies, the continuing effects of colonialism, Indigenous governance, and belief systems.

        Grades 10 - 12


        What are the contemporary challenges facing BC First Nations today?
        Using the art of Bill Reid and other contemporary Indigenous artists, this program will:

        - Explore more complex conversations around Indigenous art, cultural appropriation, repatriation, and reconciliation
        - Learn about the role of oral traditions
        - Start to think about “How can we move forward as a country in partnership with First Nations”

        Please note: No food, backpacks, snacks, or drinks are permitted in the Gallery or during the tour. 


          Professional Development

          Please email about Professional Development workshops or any other inquiries about teaching Indigenous related to subjects or courses that we may be able to offer.

          Virtual Programming 

          Please inquire with our Indigenous Education Specialist about planning and collaborating for a virtual program. We offer a 60 minute Virtual program for 30 students. Advance notification is required. 

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