Haida Salmon 'Skaagi': Red and Black Series, Matted Art Card

Haida Salmon 'Skaagi': Red and Black Series, Matted Art Card

Bill Reid (Haida)
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The Salmon, vital as a food source and most prized fish of all among the Northwest Coast First Nations, has by tradition been honored, celebrated and protected for thousands of years by the people most dependent upon it. 

Symbolic of a great ecological life force, five species of the fish return every year to the rivers of British Columbia to regenerate their kind. By drawing upon all traditional elements of Haida art and his own imagery, and in creating this magnificent and unique design, Bill Reid again bestows the honor and respect of his people upon the salmon.

Black and Red Series, White and Black Double Matted Art Card (2 3/4" Matte)

14"w x 11"h (35cm x 28cm)

*These beautiful matted art cards are  light weight, easy to ship and ready to frame.


Bill Reid (1920-1998) was an acclaimed master goldsmith, carver, sculptor, writer, broadcaster, mentor and community activist. Reid was born in Victoria, BC to a Haida mother and an American father with Scottish German roots, and only began exploring his Haida roots at the age of 23. This journey of discovery lasted a lifetime and shaped Reid's artistic career.

Reid became a pivotal force in building bridges between Indigenous people and other peoples. Through his mother, he was a member of the Raven clan from T'aanuu with the wolf as one of his family crests. Raven is known as a mischievous trickster, who also plays an important part in transforming the world. Many of these traits matched Bill Reid's personality. In 1986, Reid was presented with the Haida name Yaahl Sgwansung, meaning The Only Raven.