Join Us for the 'We Are Connected: Tattooed Lines' Book Launch with Nakkita Trimble-Wilson

By: Bill Reid Gallery


tattoo lines

Join us on October 14, from 1pm to 2 pm, for the launch of We Are Connected: Tattooed Lines, a book written and illustrated by Nakkita Trimble-Wilson. Nakkita will be on-site at the Bill Reid Gallery to discuss and give viewers a first look at her new book. 

The book is an illustrated poem about ceremonial Nisga'a traditional tattooing, and it was created to give space to Indigenous youth and Elders to highlight their Indigenous standards of beauty, identity, and pride for future generations. 

Nakkita Trimble has been instrumental in re-claiming Nisga'a tattooing methods of skin stitching and hand poking - techniques her ancestors would have used. Her tattoo apprenticeship began in 2011 in a tattoo shop where she learned on a coil machine, eventually using a rotary. 

Nakkita Trimble-Wilson

Now, Nakkita practices freestyle tattooing with needle and ink. Nakkita's first tattoo exhibit was a solo exhibit at the Nisga'a Museum in Grenville, British Columbia in 2014. The exhibit featured the oral history of Nisga'a Tattooing prior to contact. 

The oral history was passed down from Freda Morven and the Council of Elders comprised of some Matriarchs and Chiefs of the four main villages in the Nass Valley. The exhibit featured the first modern recorded oral statement of Nisga'a Tattooing practices, techniques, and ceremonies. 

Nakkita currently exhibits her art form through the Bill Reid Gallery in the travelling exhibition Body Language: Reawakening Cultural Tattooing of the Northwest. Nakkita's tattoos connect generations, helping individuals reconnect with their identity while developing pride and curiosity for their family histories, stories, and traditions.  

Everyone is welcome. However, entry to the event will be included with gallery admission. Get your tickets now by clicking here.