Raven's Trove Reimagined

By: Bill Reid Gallery

I love the sensuous quality of the metal, I love the designs, I love seeing something take form – Bill Reid, 1983

At the heart of the Bill Reid Gallery is a magnificent selection of Bill Reid’s jewelry and metalwork which spans his earliest exploratory work in the 1950's to final mature examples from the 1980's. This collection is on display in our Raven’s Trove gallery to honour Bill Reid’s curious nature, his Raven Clan affiliation, and his ability to transform and influence the art of the Northwest Coast.

The original Raven's Trove was a beautiful gallery but was also small and dark. As part of our transforming renovation, we wanted to bring in the light, and also create a dramatic and exciting new space that would celebrate these masterpieces and also evoke the environment and culture of the Northwest Coast.

We turned to award-winning local designer Sholto Scruton, of Sholto Design Studio, who is known for his industrial design and custom wooden furniture. He recently completed several grand dining tables for the Canadian High Commissions overseas. Whenever possible, Sholto uses locally made, non-toxic natural products, placing an emphasis on health and longevity.

After consulting with the Gallery staff and the Indigenous advisors on our Content Committee, Sholto has developed an exciting new design for Raven’s Trove that will ensure a timeless, engaging and educational environment which is accessible for all ages and abilities. Inspired by the massive corner posts of traditional Haida longhouses, the new gallery will bring the forest into the gallery.

Architectural drawings courtesy of Sholto Design Studio

Sholto traveled to Vancouver Island to source eight 40-foot cedar logs and has worked with small local mills to strip and turn the logs. Local Haida artist Corey Bulpitt will lead a team of carvers to hand adze the final finish onto the wood.

We wanted to focus on the intimate nature of Bill Reid’s jewelry with dramatic lighting and a 360-degree view of the beautifully crafted pieces. Each log will be cut in half in order to hold a custom curved glass case which is also being locally produced.

Architectural drawings courtesy of Sholto Design Studio

We are excited to unveil the new Raven’s Trove in early June. We look forward to seeing our visitors explore the new space, hear the stories, and learn more about the context and significance of Bill Reid’s magnificent jewellery.