qaʔ yəxʷ - water honours us: womxn and waterways

Water is an essential ingredient for human life - it connects us geographically, culturally, and socially while fueling our bodies and spirits. Guest curators ReMatriate Collective reveal the unique connection between womxn and water in the matriarchal societies of the Northwest Coast, with special attention to the roles of child-bearers, healers, and doulas. Artists Richelle Bear Hat (Blackfoot/Cree), Krystle Coughlin (Selkirk), Lindsay Katsitsakataste Delaronde (Mohawk), Alison Marks (Tlingit), Dionne Paul (Nuxalk/Sechelt), Kali Spitzer (Kaska Dena), Marika Echachis Swan (Nuu-chah-nulth), Carrielynn Victor (Sto:lo), Veronica Rose Waechter (Gitxsan) and Water Keeper, Audrey Siegl (Musqueam) will explore water as a crucial element of creation, its historical uses for survival, and contemporary over-consumption as a threat to sensitive coastal ecosystems.

water honours us Listen and learn how to pronounce the exhibition title - qaʔ yəxw

Thank you to Musqueam Language and Culture for their thoughtful assistance in selecting the expression qaʔ yəxw. Listen to the pronunciation of the title by Musqueam Band Member, Mack Paul.

Guest Curators - ReMatriate Collective 

April 10 – October 6, 2019



Richelle Bear Hat (Blackfoot/Cree)

Krystle Coughlin (Selkirk)

Tiffany Creyke (Tahltan)

Tsēmā Igharas (Tahltan)

Lindsay Katsitsakataste Delaronde (Mohawk)

Denver Lynxleg (Anishinaabe)

Alison Marks (Tlingit)

Dionne Paul (Nuxalk/Sechelt)

Angela Marie Schenstead (nêhiyaw)

Kali Spitzer (Kaska Dena)

Marika Echachis Swan (Nuu-chah-nulth)

Carrielynn Victor (Sto:lo)

Veronica Rose Waechter (Gitxsan)

Water Keeper, Audrey Siegl (Musqueam)

 Exhibition Partners