Tree of Life, Limited Edition Print

Tree of Life, Limited Edition Print

K.C. Hall (Heiltsuk)
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The Tree Of Life is KC Hall's second limited edition serigraph. The design combines contemporary street art with formline. The colours and shapes are reminiscent of Chilkat weaving, while the spray paint splatter and overall arrangement of forms gives it an urban feel.

"It created the raven from branches of truth.
Positivity traces right back to its roots.
An old soul, grown whole from the axis of love.
Gained wisdom from days sitting, laid back in the sun.
It gave the raven a place to ponder its mood.
Kids would swing off its branches and climb to the top for the view.
Old flings carved their names in the grain of its bark. So and so plus so and so forever in the shape of a heart.
It provides bark for the weavers, homes for the beavers, bright light for the weakened, sight and truth for the non believers of its powers.
It created fish for the oceans and all the birds for the skies.
It has love within its heart, but pain in its eyes.
Its just the raven in disguise."
- KC Hall

Serigraph, Edition of 125



21" x 30" (53.5 x 76cm)