Maynard Johnny Jr. (Coast Salish & Kwakwaka'wakw)
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"Salmon are honoured and celebrated by all coastal peoples: the fish serves as a powerful symbol of regeneration, self-sacrifice and perseverance. Shortages of salmon are traditionally attributed to human disrespect and refusal to listen to and live by the wisdom of their elders [including] exhibiting traditional rights of respect, such as placing all of Salmon's bones back into the river or sea after eating [i.e. - The first Salmon ceremonies of the Salish]. If this ritual is not observed, Salmon will not return, or will return dismembered and deformed" (Shearar 2000: 91). - Understanding Northwest Coast Art: A Guide to Crests, Beings and Symbols

Medium: Framed Serigraph, ed./200

Dimensions: 10½" x 25" x 1" (framed), 6" x 22" (unframed)

Location: Satellite Shop at SFU Vancouver Bookstore (Harbour Centre)



Maynard Johnny Jr, a resident of Chemainus, began his career as a teenager, and has continued his self-directed development of art-making. Recently, he began to venture from painting into jewellery and wood carving. He is inspired by notable artists including Robert Davidson, Art Thompson, Richard Hunt, and Mark Henderson. He was featured in the Changing Hands: Art Without Reservation 2 exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design, New York, in 2005. In 2009, Maynard's work adorned the cedar gift boxes that were given to special guests at the Canadian Juno Music Awards.