Yellow Flicker, Chilkat Weaving Pendant

Yellow Flicker, Chilkat Weaving Pendant

William White, Tsimshian
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William White is an accomplished and acclaimed weaver from the Tsimshian Nation. Willy's career has spanned almost 40 years starting in 1982 part time and by the 90's he was weaving full time then soon after started to pass on his knowledge and teachings. Having done several exhibitions around North America he has become to be know as one the few leading weavers on the Northwest Coast.

This beautiful hand woven Chilkat pendant is made with 100% wool and hand spun with cedar. "This particular design is called a “flicker” as in the flicker feathers that are used in the amhalaayt, or yakyuuwai. This design element is used throughout Chilkat blankets in differing places and directions. They may represent several different things within the formline design." - Artist Statement.

It measures 2.5” at the top and widens to 3.5” at the bottom and is 5 inches high.  The necklace is accentuated with forty-two glass beads and is adjustable.

Wool, cedar bark, glass beads and trade beads and cotton cording. Yellow, Black and natural wool colors.