Outside Looking In, Limited Edition Print

Outside Looking In, Limited Edition Print

K.C. Hall (Heiltsuk)
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The title is a reference to being on the outside and not quite belonging, because of the non-traditional style of the design, which contrasts a contemporary approach and traditional aspect of Northwest Coast Art. The top half in teal depicts a Wolf.

"The Wolf represents my style of art, He is a savage and he does what he wants...you will see the top part of the design in teal in a more contemporary style, while the bottom is in red and is more traditional in form (It shows Sisiutl, the Double Headed Sea Serpent). the red represents the backlash, of a stop light indicating that some people think that formline shouldn't be changed....I added the drips to show that either way, the new style I'm working with will spill over into the traditional style without breaking the foundations of the form." - Artist Statement, K.C. Hall

Serigraph, Edition of 125



21" X 30" (53.5cm X 76cm)