Orca, Limited Edition Print

Orca, Limited Edition Print

Joe Wilson - Sxwaset (Coast Salish - Cowichan)
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Joe feels that this print should serve to celebrate the beauty of this magnificent animal, raise awareness, and help ensure its survival. In particular, he points to the Southern Resident Killer Whale Pod (also referred to as “Orcas of the Salish Sea”), one of four resident communities on the Northwest Coast. It is the smallest of the four, and it is also listed under the Endangered Species Act. As of the end of 2018, this pod numbered 75 members, which is down significantly from 250 a few decades ago. Increased marine traffic, environmental damage, and the depletion of their major food source, Chinook Salmon, are to blame for the reduction in their numbers.

Orcas are revered for their hunting skills, their complex societies and strong family bonds. In 2018 the Southern Resident Killer Whale Pod was in the news when a mother carried its deceased calf on her back for two weeks, an incident which attracted international attention.

In First Nations cultures of the Northwest Coast, the Orca is represented frequently in the visual arts, as well as oral traditions. Known to some as the Guardians of the Sea, Orcas are associated with strong family bonds.

Serigraph, Edition of 150



20 1/2" x 23" (53 x 58 cm)