Na-Na-Kwa Mask

Na-Na-Kwa Mask

Lyle Wilson (Haisla)
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Haisla masks like this one depicting a human ancestor are traditionally danced in ceremonies. This particular mask was inspired by a Haisla house post that is part of the collection of the Museum of Anthropology at UBC. Through the use of infrared photography and close examination, artist Lyle Wilson was able to rediscover and recreate the paintings hidden beneath the dark brown protective coating applied long ago to […] house posts. – Museum of Anthropology at UBC 

Material: Yellow Cedar, Acrylic, Hair  

Dimensions: 14” x 17” x 6”

Location: Satellite Shop at SFU Vancouver Bookstore (Harbour Centre)

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Lyle Wilson was born into the Beaver Clan, but was formally adopted into his father's Eagle Clan. He is an accomplished and established artist in the Northwest Coast art market. He attended the University of British Columbia in 1978, followed by the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, where he received a diploma in Print Making in 1986. He has pieces at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, BC, the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, BC, and the Vancouver International Airport. Lyle has been exhibited throughout Canada and the United States, including The Transforming Image: Painted Arts of the Northwest Coast at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, BC, 1988; Totems to Turquoise at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, NY, 2004; and Challenging Traditions: Contemporary First Nations Art of the Northwest Coast at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Kleinburg, ON, 2009. In addition, in 2013, Lyle had a large solo show titled Paint: The Painted Works of Lyle Wilson at the Bill Reid Gallery in Vancouver, BC. He is the first Northwest Coast artist to have works acquired by the Canadian Council Art Bank.