Raven Box - Sterling Silver Earrings

Raven Box - Sterling Silver Earrings

Grant Pauls (Tahltan)
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"In the Northern art style particularly, the form lines curve, connect and flow continuously, and where a heavy line meets a curved one, a simple device is used to avoid a thick, clumsy look. The artist adds a negative shape in the form of a crescent, a T or a Y at the junction; this maintains the outline of the curve and gives relief to the solid thickness. Where two heavy lines met, or in any other area where the mass of colour is unbroken, the negative relief may be a circle.

The form line changes constantly, in both thickness and direction. in spite of this undulating movement, the tautness of the linear structure and the sudden turn of the lines prevent the design from having a runaway, swirling appearance (Stewart 1979: 19). - Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast

Laser-Cut, Hand Finished Sterling Silver

½"w x 1 3/4"l