Eagle, Argillite Pendant

Eagle, Argillite Pendant

Calvin Bell, Haida
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Calvin Bell was born in Masset, British Columbia; where Masset is one of two villages on Haida Gwaii. Calvin has been carving argillite since 1971 when he was introduced to the art form by Ron Russ.  He carves his argillite pieces to emphasize the beauty of the stone and will inlay pieces of abalone to create a contrast. 

There is only one argillite quarry in Canada which happens to be located on Haida Gwaii. This is where carvers gather to harvest the stone which must be done by hand using tools such as hand saws, steel wedges, sledge hammers, and crowbars to name a few. Argillite is used because its high moisture content makes it easier to carve than other stones. The drier the argillite becomes the more likely it is to crack or flake during the carving process, this is why it is such a delicate material to work with.

Calvin continues to carve argillite in the traditional Haida style and carries the skills and knowledge of this art form.

Argillite, Abalone and steel wire

1 1/2"w x 1 1/2"h (4cm X 4cm)