Divine Momentum, Limited Edition Print
Divine Momentum, Limited Edition Print

Divine Momentum, Limited Edition Print

Margaret August, Coast Salish
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Divine Momentum is a limited edition screen print by Coast Salish artist Margaret August. The design shows a Coast Salish spindle whorl that is striking in its vibrancy. Through this very contemporary and youthful interpretation, the artist is suggesting that Coast Salish cultures are prevailing in modern times.

The spindle whorl is one of the most frequent motifs in Coast Salish art. It was also a tool of high cultural importance. It allowed Salish women to weave beautiful textiles of spiritual and social significance.

The spindle whorl was used to spin fleece into a thick yarn. It consisted of a small disk (whorl) with a shaft, inserted through a hole in the middle. The shaft was up to four feet long, or 120 cm, while the whorl was up to eight inches across or 20 cm. The whorl was intricately carved from wood or stone with geometric, animal, or human designs. As the disk spun, the design would mesmerize the spinner, thereby bestowing special powers on the woven material.

"Divine Momentum is inspired by a stone spindle whorl artifact. Spindle whorls were traditionally used for spinning fibers for the sole purpose of making textiles. This contemporary design symbolizes the revival of ancient Coast Salish practices and the continuation of our cultures." - Artist Statement

Serigraph, Limited Edition of 130



18"w x 18"h (46cm x 46 cm)

*Each print it signed and numbered by the artist and includes a one page biography.