Beau Dick (Kwakwaka'wakw)
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"Killer whale is an important crest and mythic being among many groups, and one of the most commonly depicted in the art. Killer Whales, widely recognized as clan ancestors, are found in shamanic, story and crest art. In stories, these majestic creatures are associated with strength, dignity, prosperity and longevity...Killer Whales are thought to inhabit villages deep under the ocean. When at home, the Killer Whale people take off their black-and-white skins and live as...humans" (Shearer 2000:62-63). -Understanding Northwest Coast Art: A Guide to Crests, Beings and Symbols

Medium: Framed Serigraph, ed./275

Dimensions: 15" x 22" (unframed)

Location: Satellite Shop at SFU Vancouver Bookstore (Harbour Centre)