How we grow  (No longer walked on series)

How we grow (No longer walked on series)

Blake Lepine - Shaá'koon (Tlingit)
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"This series is titled 'No Longer Walked On'. I came to be in possession of this flooring, as it ended up in my studio one day from a friend who thought I could use it for something. One day I was spending my experiment hour, which I do every day as part of my art practice, and I decided to paint one of these pieces. My wife walked into my studio to remind me of lunch being ready. When she saw what I was doing, she looked at me puzzled and said “Honey, its beautiful, but why are you painting on something that is meant to be walked on.” It is in this statement that I had my epiphany moment about this whole series, and it was as if everything flooded into me in that moment. I had my concept for creating the work and I had my visions for each piece. As a lot of First Nations people will tell you, at one point, our cultures were simply trampled into the ground, almost driven from us fully. Our spirits were walked on, our bodies were walked on, our cultures were walked on, and it continued for generations that way. If we look around today, we can see a tremendous uprising and desire from First Nations people to reclaim all that was lost, and we are doing so with great strides and amidst all the adversity that we came through we continue to thrive in this modern world with our cultures growing piece by piece. Every painting I create for this series, is a small statement with the main umbrella title of 'No longer walked on.' " - Artist Statement


Material: Hand-painted laminate flooring

Dimensions: 10" x 3/8"

Location: Satellite Shop at SFU Vancouver Bookstore (Harbour Centre)