Hummingbird Bracelet

Hummingbird Bracelet

Gary Seaweed (Kwakwaka'wakw)
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"The rufous hummingbird is the most common species in the region, and in some areas these tiny, active, well-loved birds are year round inhabitants...[H]ummingbird is not traditionally a major motif in the art. Its popularity today indicates that it has become a very important symbol of love and beauty. Hummingbirds are identified by a long, narrow beak, prominent eyes; a small head, and the presence of flowers (Shearar 2000: 58) - Understanding Northwest Coast Art: A Guide to Crests, Beings and Symbols

Medium: Hand-carved copper

Dimensions: 1/2" x 6 1/4"

Locations: Satellite Shop at SFU Vancouver Bookstore (Harbour Centre)