Salmon, Argillite Pendant

Salmon, Argillite Pendant

Shirley Longboat, Haida
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Hand carved one of a kind argillite pendant with abalone inlay.

Argillite is a fine-grained black carbonaceous slate found only on Haida Gwaii, and it is considered to be a limited resource.  Haida artists have worked with argillite for many years, carving totem poles, plates, pipes, small boxes, sculptured figures, pendants and other subjects. Today, many Haida carvers carry on the tradition, and bring new ideas forward, such as argillite inlaid with abalone, ivory and gold. and only the Haida people are allowed to carve it.

Shirley Longboat (Pollard), Gandal Gawdagaa - which translates to Roaring River was born in 1961 and is considered as a well established Haida artist. Her uncle, Reg Young is Chief Gitkun of Taanu Village and they are said to be the last eagles of Taanu. She learned to carve with her three brothers and she was in her teens. Shirley really enjoys carving argillite and has been carving for more than 34 years. 

Argillite with Abalone Inlay with a steel wire bail.

Hand signed on the back.

2"w X1"h (5cm X  2 1/4cm)