Every Child Matters, Cotton T-Shirt
Every Child Matters, Cotton T-Shirt

Every Child Matters, Cotton T-Shirt

Morgan Asoyuf (Tsimshian)
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Art is an intimate connection to our history, identity and our community. I am honoured to continue our traditions and to share them.” - Artist Statement

Our 2021 Orange Shirt features a heart designed by Tsimshian artist Morgan Asoyuf with the words “Every Child Matters” inscribed in the heart. The same design will be featured on the front cover of Morgan’s soon-to-be launched Native Northwest board book, "Learning My Rights with Mousewoman”. This year, partial proceeds from orange shirt sales will be directed to Orange Shirt Society and BC Aboriginal Child Care Association. Thank you for supporting Orange Shirt Day.

September 30th marks Orange Shirt Day, a day of remembrance and respect to honour the students and survivors of Canada's Residential School system.

On this day, Canadians are encouraged to wear an orange shirt to show their support for survivors and pay respects to those who did not make it.

Join us by wearing a Native Northwest Orange Shirt. Proceeds above the manufacturing costs will be donated to organizations that work to undo the generational trauma caused by Residential Schools.

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