Well-Made Object Workshop: Mini Drum Making with Alexander Erickson Sr.

Well-Made Object Workshop
Online Workshop: Mini Drum Making with Alexander Erickson Sr.

This online workshop is available only in Canada.
Saturday, June 19, 2021, 1 - 3 pm

Drums carry a large importance within all Indigenous cultures across Canada. They are used for ceremonies and symbolize the heartbeat of Mother Earth. While there are many different techniques for drum making, the use of hide and a wooden frame stays consistent. In this online workshop, learn how to make two small 3 to 5” drums with Indigenous artist Alexander Erickson Sr.  

Alexander Erickson Sr. is an artist from the Haisla and Dakelh Nations, from the Beaver clan. Currently, he lives with his family on Coast Salish Territory known as Coquitlam. He takes inspiration for his work directly from his Haisla lineage and the world around him. Alexander enjoys creating original pieces as well as developing the story attached to them.

After registration, please wait to be notified by email when kits will be available for pick up at the Gallery. Please contact Aliya Boubard (Assistant Curator) if you have any questions: aboubard@billreidgallery.ca

*Registrants will receive the online workshop link one day before the workshop.

  • The kit can be picked up at the Gallery reception (Participants will be notified by email when it will be ready for pick-up) or
  • Mailed kits (within Canada only). Canada Post Flat Rate shipping fee is $10.00 (Kits will be mailed out at the earliest convenience)
  • Registrants who require shipping, please register by Thursday, June 11, 2021.

Option 1A or 1B: Workshop Fee and Pick-up at Gallery 
$30 - Workshop fee - Non-Member price
$25 - Workshop fee - Member price (Discount code will be sent by email)
(Local pickup deadline – Friday, June 18, 2021)

Option 2A or 2B: Workshop Fee plus Shipping
$30 - Workshop fee - Non-Member price
$25 - Workshop fee - Member price (Discount code will be sent by email)
$10 -  Canada Post Flate Rate Shipping fee
Registration deadline Thursday, June 11, 2021)


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