Online Panel Discussion - The Matriarch Mindset

An online panel discussion featuring the artists in the Hands of Knowledge exhibition: Dale Marie Campbell, Kelli Clifton, Pearl Innis, Arlene Ness, Marie Oldfield, and Patricia June Vickers. Moderated by guest curator Joanne Finlay, this online discussion will open up a conversation between these featured artists as they discuss what their practice means to them and the importance of conveying their knowledge through their artwork. 
For these women, art is much more than an expression. It is used to relay traditional stories and teachings, for ceremonies, and bringing community members together. While carving and weaving were the most common and traditional mediums, today we see a large variety of practices being used by Northwest Coast artists. Traditionally, women were responsible for weaving and were not involved in carving whatsoever. However, today we see matriarchs using their traditional knowledge and passing it down in any way they see fit.
Generously supported by the NIB Trust Fund
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Artwork: Kelli Clifton, (Ts'msyen), K’yilamu T’oya̱xs A Txa̱’nii Na Ga̱nts’i’its’gm (I Give Thanks to All of Our Ancestresses) detail, 2020, acrylic paint, wood. Photo courtesy of Michael Ambach.

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