Call for Submissions - (Inter) Relational Portraiture: People of the Earth

(Inter) Relational Portraiture: People of the Earth
February 8, 2022 - May 8, 2022
Submission deadline November 15, 2021

Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art
Curator: Toonasa (they/she)

What unspoken messages do our bodies imbibe from the forces of our beautiful lands and waters? When we cast off the colonial lens, what stories do Indigenous bodies tell? (Inter) Relational Portraiture focuses on portraiture of Indigenous people by Indigenous people existing with the land, water, and animals. This can mean: studio portraits with local botanical elements or medicines, regalia, or anything else that illustrates a tangible relationship and connection to land, or images that illustrate fishing, hunting, traditional food & clothing processing, food and medicine harvesting etc. This exhibition will focus on “BC”-based artists and subjects. Body diversity is highly encouraged: fat, Afro-Indigenous, queer & trans, disabled, and old bodies. (Inter) Relational Portraiture will prioritize artists and/or subjects of Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-waututh ancestry. (Inter) Relational Portraiture will be accepting submission proposals September 13-November 15, 2021. Up to 5 artists will be selected to participate. (Inter) Relational Portraiture invites artists to create and share intimate portraits.

Proposals should include a 150-word description of the proposed work OR images of works that have already been created but not yet exhibited, 1-5 images of current/past works with accompanying list (title, year, medium, dimensions), and a short artist biography. Images should be labeled: ArtistLastName_Title.jpg.

Please send questions and submissions to Toonasa: 

Image: Portrait of Tyler Vance Wright, Courtesy of Toonasa