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Open daily 10 am - 5 pm
Last Thursday of Each Month—
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July 4 - October 15

The Art of Dimension

Jesse Brillon with Marlo Wylie Brillon

April 26, 2023 to January 14, 2024

Bright Futures


The Bill Reid Gallery

Welcome to the Bill Reid Gallery, a unique destination that celebrates the extraordinary diversity of contemporary Indigenous Northwest Coast Art. As the only public Gallery in Canada dedicated to the Northwest Coast, we invite you to immerse yourself in a vibrant cultural experience. 

Established in 2008 by the Bill Reid Foundation, our Gallery stands as a tribute to the legendary Haida master artist, Bill Reid (1920 - 1998), and the multitude of living traditions that flourish along the Northwest Coast. We are committed to celebrating his remarkable legacy and fostering meaningful connections among diverse communities, including Indigenous and settler populations. 

In addition to an esteemed collection of Bill Reid masterworks, we curate a series of dynamic exhibitions and learning programs that showcase the remarkable work of contemporary Indigenous artists. By promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of Indigenous cultures and values, we strive to create an inclusive space where all individuals can connect, learn, and grow. 

Join us to explore the extraordinary world of contemporary Indigenous Northwest Coast Art at the Bill Reid Gallery.  

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