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The Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art offers a selection of unique and flexible education programming. Visit the gallery to learn how we are all connected through nature and art.

Our talented staff and dedicated volunteers will guide each group through storytelling and inquiry based learning. Participating students will develop a sense of their place in the world, and an understanding of how ancient knowledge can inform and impact their lives today. The transformative power of cultural treasures and Indigenous knowledge will engage students to cultivate a greater awareness of the interconnectedness of all things.

Storytelling in the Gallery
Suitable for kindergarten to grade 3
Created to engage young learners, Storytelling in the Gallery invites students to participate in an interactive storytelling experience that brings the gallery to life. Stories will focus on various Indigenous cultural stories focused on the Northwest Coast.

Cedar: The Forest Provides
Suitable for grades 4 to 12
Cedar is one of the most valued materials on the Northwest Coast. Through this overarching theme, participating students will learn about their local environment as well as conservation and environmental sustainability efforts to keep cedar, and other local flora and fauna, healthy and abundant. Students will also learn that cedars are more than just trees; they are beings that are intrinsically connected to Indigenous peoples of the Northwest Coast. Each program is flexible and can be crafted to fit specific class and curriculum needs.

Reconciliation through Traditional Knowledge
Suitable for grades 10 to 12
Students are invited into engaging and integral conversations around repatriation and reconciliation. Each workshop will be focused on guided discussions and lessons that invite students to become familiar with concepts of repatriation and museum practices. These concepts are connected with grander conversations about reconciliation with Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Exhibit specific educational programs
Ask us about special programs that may be available related to our current temporary exhibit.

Rates and Registration
Each program is 90 minutes in length from arrival to finish.
Cost is $7.50+tax per student with complimentary admission for one supervisor per ten students.
Payment is due upon arrival.
We require a minimum of 16 students and have maximum capacity for 35 students.
Cancellation of a group tour must be made within 2 weeks of the scheduled tour time or a cancellation fee will apply.
When booking your visit please advise of any special needs of your students.
For more information or to book your education program, please contact education [@] or call 604.682.3455 ext. 229.

Gallery Considerations
Please keep in mind the Bill Reid Gallery is a small gallery and as such we are not able to offer space for your class to eat lunch.
No food and drink is allowed in the gallery.
Unless otherwise noted, no photography is allowed in the gallery.

Bus Passenger Drop-Off and Loading Zone
Buses can drop off passengers at the Loading Zone located on Georgia St. between Hornby and Burrard St. A wheelchair accessible path is located between Christ Church Cathedral and Cathedral Place. If requested, a Gallery staff member can greet your group at the loading zone.

Learn more about Getting Here including parking and public transit

Resources for Educators
The Raven's Call is the largest, most current and comprehensive website on Bill Reid, one of Canada's greatest artists. It is an excellent online resource for combined social studies and visual arts learning and a useful tool to prepare and follow up on your visit to the Bill Reid Gallery.

By Jerry Grey, Visual Artist
BILL REID: "Mythic Messengers" 1984
Illustration by Jerry Grey

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