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December 29, 2015 (The Vancouver Sun, Art This Week)
Gwaii Haanas: Land Sea People

“Celebrates the story of Gwaii Haanas through artistic expressions inspired by the land, sea and people.”

December 28, 2015 (YVR Insider)
Gwaii Haanas: Land Sea People Exhibition

“As part of our community investment program, we look to provide support and showcase First Nations artwork.”

December 21, 2015 (YVR: Our Blog, Andrea Cheung)
Partnering to Create a Sense of Place

“Our partners at the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art have created a new exhibition, Gwaii Haanas: Land Sea People.

December 18, 2015 (Roundhouse Radio 98.3 FM, Trevor Jang)
PODCAST: Visiting the Bill Reid Gallery Gwaii Haanas Exhibition

“The Gwaii Haanas: Land Sea People exhibition at the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art tells a story of a special and beautiful place on Haida Gwaii.”

December 16, 2015 (British Columbia Magazine, Michaela Ludwig)
99 Things to do in Vancouver This Winter

“99 ways to keep busy in Vancouver (and a little further beyond) during the winter season.”

November 5, 2015 (BLOG: Big City Art, Cynthia McCreery)
In Search of HeART in the City

“I started to enjoy being a part of an experience that I had only daydreamed about. This was it; a true bonafide city art opening.”

November 1, 2015 (BLOG: The Georgia Straight)
Gwaii Haanas: Land Sea People

“The art, history, and magic of Haida Gwaii are being celebrated in a new exhibit that just opened at the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art.”

August 9, 2015 (Bizzabo, Kathleen Smith)
10 Unique Event Venues in Canada

“Coast to coast, Canada has some of the most inspiring event locations in the world. Equipped for small gatherings or conferences on a grand scale, we've listed some of the most distinctive venues for you.”

August 9, 2015 (Georgia Stright)
8 things to do in Metro Vancouver

“The Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art features an exhibition on masterworks created for Kwakwaka'wakw potlatches.”

July 12, 2015 (Coastal Art Beat, Ann Cameron)
Ancestor Panel

“This panel by Kwakwaka'wakw artist Beau Dick, has been featured in the FOX Sports broadcasting studio during the FIFA Women's World Cup in soccer.”

June 26, 2015 (Seattle Times, Kristin Jackson )
Hotels, museums and art give taste of life, history of B.C.'s First Nations

“The Box of Treasures: Gifts from the Supernatural”

June 8, 2015 (Galleries West, Portia Priegert )
Beau Dick and other master carvers

“The glittering city of Vancouver, B.C., is growing fast, luring people from around the world.”

June 8, 2015 (Coastal Art Beat, Ann Cameron)
Chief Robert Joseph at Bill Reid Gallery

“He will speak about his cultural treasures including the Siwadi, the Undersea Kingdom Collection of masks in the exhibition on Saturday, June 13 at 2 pm.”

June 8, 2015 (Coastal Art Beat, Ann Cameron)
Woven Artworks at Bill Reid Gallery

“A small display of fine weaving of wool and baskets by Meghann O'Brien has been added to displays at the Bill Reid Gallery for Northwest Coast Art in Vancouver.”

May 5, 2015 (go! West Coast, Gallant Ly)
The Box of Treasures

Beau Dick's The Box of Treasures exhibition featured on Shaw TV.

April 9, 2015 (Coastal Art Beat, Ann Cameron)
The Box of Treasures

“The Box of Treasures, the current exhibition at Vancouver's Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art opened with a lively ceremony of dance and music.”

April 6, 2015 (The Vancouver Sun, Kevin Griffin)
Kwakwaka'wakw potlatch masks: Art made to be destroyed

“Art made to be destroyed sounds like an avant-garde art project. But among the Kwakwaka'wakw, it's far from being new. They've been doing it for a long time.”

March 10, 2015 (The Georgia Straight, Robin Laurence)
The Box of Treasures: Gifts from the Supernatural celebrates cultural legacy

“At the opening of The Box of Treasures, Kwakwaka'wakw chief Robert Joseph and Musqueam community leader Audrey Siegl welcomed the throng of visitors along with the First Nations singers and dancers who performed for us.”

February 24, 2015 (The La Source, Dong Yue Su)
Totem poles maintain Haida oral history

“A passion for story and language, has Haida artist Gwaai Edenshaw using his knowledge of Haida stories to help find the hidden within ourselves at the new exhibit Godanxee'wat: Stone Ribs showing at the Bill Reid Gallery (Jan. 12 until Jul. 5).”

February 13, 2015 (Georgia Straight, Yolande Cole)
Beth Carter named new Curator at Bill Reid Gallery

“On April 13, Beth Carter will join the gallery as curator, working with Kwiaahwah Jones, who has been a consulting curator at the gallery since 2010.”

By Jerry Grey, Visual Artist
BILL REID: "Mythic Messengers" 1984
Illustration by Jerry Grey

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